You’ve studied hard in school. And now you want a university that will set you on the path to future success.

Look no further.

Susquehanna offers a state of the art education that combines a liberal arts and sciences curriculum with a strong focus on career development. This means you’ll develop the critical-thinking skills and wide range of practical knowledge needed to adapt to any career path you set your sights on. You’ll gain these skills by working closely with your professors in small classes, through valuable internships, and during your off-campus study.

At Susquehanna, you can dive head first into research and spirited debate. Become a leader. Study in another culture. Make discoveries about yourself and the broader world. With 100-plus majors and minors and a chance to build your own educational program, the opportunities are endless.

Your professors will nurture your curiosity, challenge you, push you to new levels of competence and help you along the path to becoming a professional in your field.

Call Susquehanna home and find out why academic excellence is a way of life here.

Majors and Minors

We have 100+ majors and minors to choose from. Pick one that will help you reach your dreams, or design one of your own.

Honors Program

Intensely curious, active learners will excel in the Susquehanna Honors Program, a challenging, individualized program for academically talented students.

Study Abroad

Our Global Opportunities (GO) study abroad program will expose you to different cultures while teaching you valuable things about yourself.

Engaging Faculty

Do you want faculty dedicated to you—to helping you grow and learn, even after you graduate?

Of course your answer is yes! And you’ll find them here.

Our faculty are encouraging, yet challenging. They are scholars and teachers. One assisted in the design of China’s National Aquatics Center. Another’s research on spiders was featured by National Geographic. Still another was recognized by the journal Nature for her approach to teaching science. Our faculty write award-winning books, present at international conferences and serve as consultants. They’ll guide your study-away trips and ensure you present at national conferences to build your confidence, your portfolio and your network. And, when you’re ready, they’ll write compelling letters of recommendation because they’ve come to know you.


From your first semester, you’ll have a chance to do research.

You’ll work directly with faculty on studies that matter—from the marketing impact of e-cigarettes to the water quality of local streams to the effects of maternal nutrition.

Or work independently on problems that interest you.

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or lab. We strive to give every student an opportunity to participate in experiential learning, through internships, student teaching, presenting at national conferences, campus employment, editing literary journals and performing.

You won’t get this amount of hands-on experience everywhere.

Internships & Career Prep

Banks and investment houses, museums, Big 4 accounting firms, television networks, hospitals, international organizations, professional sports teams and more. What’s the common denominator? Our students have landed internships with these organizations and you can too.

We’ll help you find the best internship(s) for your career path, an important step in helping you land that first professional opportunity after graduation.

The connections we provide will help ensure your post-graduation success. 96% of our graduates have jobs or are pursuing advanced degrees just months after graduation. Some of our students even have job offers before they start their senior year.

Advising & Mentoring

All journeys are easier with a guide—someone to show you the ropes who has your best interest at heart.

Our faculty are great mentors, measured advisors and committed to your success. And on our campus, they’re not alone.

Visit the Career Development Center (CDC) in your first semester to begin building connections and networks that will pay off in the future. The CDC team will guide you from the very beginning of your Susquehanna experience. They’ll provide direction, help you prepare for a post-graduate fellowships or scholarships, help polish a résumé or set up a mock interview.

Every spring semester, alumni flock back to campus for Break Through … to Life After Graduation. The weeklong event is an opportunity for alumni to provide you with career or life advice, open the door to internships and even that first job.

Our pre-professional programs have dedicated advisors who will help you find the right fit-for those interested in continuing on the path to law school, medical school or many other possibilities.

When it comes to academic support, the Center for Academic Success will be there to help you on every step of their journey, whether you need a little extra help or you are polishing your best study skills. They will help you focus on skills and habits that will ensure your success in the classroom and in the work world.

Professional & Liberal Arts Balance

We have lots of traditions, but our approach to education is anything but traditional.

Here liberal arts and sciences mesh with strong professional programs in business, music and communications.

About 90 percent of students have one or more internship or research experience prior to graduation and you can begin to do research as early as your first year.

Our business school students have access to Bloomberg terminals in a fully functioning trading room. Experience with these terminals, the industry standard, give finance majors and other business students an edge when competing for internships or professional positions.

Our study-away requirement, rare in higher education, means that every student is guaranteed a cross-cultural experience, so important in our increasingly global for-profit and not-for-profit world.

Our communications majors hone their skills in a professionally equipped radio station and video studio and our music majors have access to state-of-the-art performance space.

We have more than 100 majors and minors and 90 percent of our students have one or more internship or research experience, regardless of academic major.

Not sure what you want to do yet? That’s okay. Being undecided isn’t a problem. Take some classes, explore your interests and take your time.